Small Business Formation

Have you decided to take the exciting step towards starting your own business? It can be easy to get ahead of yourself when the spirit of entrepreneurship takes hold, but the process of forming your small business should be handled with great care and consideration. You will need to choose your business’s legal structure, which can impact everything from your personal liability, to the tax treatment of your business and how your business will operate. 

Business formation can be a complex process. Handled improperly, it can open up your business as well as you personally to facing unexpected liability originating from issues that could be proactively handled by your business attorney. There are annual requirements in our state that you may not know of as well as issues to troubleshoot early on in the set up process.

We are here to provide trusted legal counsel so that your small business is set up for success. In addition to helping you select your business structure, we can guide you through the formation process and help you put the necessary legal documents in place that will protect your business, as well as foster its continued growth and success.

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