Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about how to put legal protections in place to help ensure a future you want for yourself and your loved ones. This is accomplished through a number of legal tools. We help our clients develop unique and comprehensive estate plans that meet their needs. Everyone’s situation is different and that means that there is no one size fits all approach that can lead to an effective estate plan. We are here to listen to you and to find out how we can best create a strong estate plan tailored to you.

Let us share more information on a few frequently seen documents in estate planning. There are the ones everyone knows, such as a last will and testament and a trust agreement. A last will and testament is a legal document outlining how a person wishes assets to be distributed upon his or her death while a trust agreement provides for how assets held in the trust are to be managed and distributed to the beneficiaries.

There are other lifetime planning documents you need as well. These are generally known as advance medical directives and powers of attorney. These are designed to operate at a time when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. This could be due to an accident or illness which leaves you incapacitated.


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